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The East Africa-Nigeria Trade and Investment Summit is a unique and multi-faceted event that offers:

        • A three day Summit
        • Speed networking
        • Trade Delegation
        • Trade and Investment Facilitation
        • Interactive Panel Discussions
        • Roundtable Brainstorms
        • Executive Live debates
        • Investment & Trade Exhibition

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Summit Programme

The  EAST AFRICA-NIGERIA TRADE AND INVESTMENT SUMMIT will highlight business, trade and investment opportunities in East Africa and Nigeria. In line with  EAC aspirations for increasing inward trade and investment, coupled with Nigeria huge resources, both in human capital, financial and natural  resources,  Knowledge Factory East Africa in collaboration with EA and Nigeria public and private sector  is hosting the first EA-Nigeria Trade and  investment Summit. This will act  as a platform for joint trade and  investment opportunities  promotion to the business community. 

EA-Nigeria trade and  investment summit is organized in a bid to showcase investment opportunities for enhanced dialogue between private entrepreneurs and the top echelons of political leadership in the EA and Nigeria  and chart a road map for increased investment and export growth as well as a strong coalition for action by both government and industry in East Africa and Nigeria. Excellence Award that recognises and encourage trade and investment will be introduced in this year Summit

It will bring together key government and business leaders from both Nigeria  and East African region to explore integrated approach and means of creating and maximizing the value of partnerships for economic growth.  The Summit will also pay particular attention to the emerging oil and gas industry in the EA region, growing  women entrepreneurial class, the vast ICT and transport infrastructure  opportunities, tourism, public companies on sale and the natural agro-economy.

The Summit will also focus on engaging potential Investors in the East African community and Nigeria  in a cross  business promotion and partnership environment . It will  showcase investment and trade opportunities in the East Africa Community and Nigeria. This will result to  attracting potential investors in various sectors between Nigeria and East Africa.  This Summit will surely  communicate the opportunities  of East African community and the prospect  and resources in Nigeria as to spur economic development by creating a larger market for goods produced in participating countries


  • To highlight business opportunities  in East Africa and Nigeria
  • To develop an understanding how to profitably utilize the various Trade facilitation process to grow trade between Nigeria and the EAC countries.
  • To highlight business opportunities created by East Africa-Nigeria partnership  initiatives in various areas such as Oil and Gas, Tourism, Manufacturing,  Agriculture, ICT, professional services and to develop an understanding on how to practically benefit from the opportunities that exists.
  • To provide avenue and the “bridge head”  for Nigeria  business executives and their counterparts from East Africa to meet, exchange ideas, and establish relationships.
  • To showcase east Africa and Nigeria  products, services, and appropriate technologies with potential markets in East Africa, as well as East African products with potential markets in the Nigeria. " To discuss incentives available to Nigeria. firms interested in operating in East Africa, from both the Nigeria and African perspectives, including financing and risk management for the purpose of increasing FDI in the East African region.
  • To offer a forum where East Africa and Nigeria business services can create effective partnerships.
  • To engage University and College Presidents and Chancellors from East Africa and the Nigeria and explore alliances that promote partnerships in research, faculty and leadership training


Summit Programme

  1. Agriculture – Investment and Trade

  2. Transport and Infrastructure, including Port Authorities

  3. Hospitality and Tourism Investment

  4. Banking and Finance

  5. Manufacturing, Export and Import

  6. Higher Education: Investment

  7. Oil and Gas Investment: Growing Partnerships

Come to The East Africa-Nigeria Summit and learn:

  • How to exploit the investment opportunities in the East African and Nigeria as well as promoting greater partnership between the public and private sector.
  • To develop continuous networking partnership that will be an excellent platform for potential investors that wish to explore the varied investment and trade possibilities East Africa and Nigeria.
  • How to benefit from intra African foreign  and local investments
  • How to craft/form partnerships and joint ventures between East Africa regional and Nigeria entrepreneurs and foreign companies.
  • Increased exports and import opportunities Simply put, The EANTI Summit and its Exhibition is all about trade and investment strategy and creating the environment for business deals and visibility across East Africa countries and Nigeria.

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Investors, Governments and Your

Clients come here to get updates on:

  • Trade and Investment Intelligence
  • Increasing partnership between East Africa and Nigeria, resulting to increasing employment opportunities
  • Increase of Nigeria companies establishing their office and operation in the region
  • Greater partnership between the Governments in the region and the Nigeria
  • Export and Import opportunities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Develop business deals and network

The EANTIS events promotes the advancement of trade and investment partnerships and opportunities in East Africa and Nigeria where huge rewarding businesses are done. If you are ready, come on and help grow these mega economies....this is your time and moment!!

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The exhibition area will provide the opportunity for organisations and vendors to demonstrate their services and products, and engage end-users in a relaxed and informal setting.
Unlike a traditional large exhibition or trade show, you will gain access to the strategic target audience during a time when the attendees are relaxed yet focused on discussing current developments in government and the industry. Our team of experienced event managers handle all administrative, marketing and promotional needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your own plans for the Summit and to generate new business.
If you need to know the latest trade and investment initiatives and exhibit your services and products to the high level participants you must attend.
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If you wish to access senior executives in East Africa's and Nigeria’s public and private sector, you need to be here. There are limited sponsorship opportunities.

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Who should attend:

  • East African and Nigeria entrepreneurs and potential investors
  • Nigerian and East African producers looking for new markets
  • East African and Nigeria Government Officials
  • National Governments, State Governments, Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals
  • Banks and Corporate Investors
  • Institutions/Agencies
  • Transport Executives
  • Ports Authorities

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  • Custom and Exercise
  • Inland Revenue
  • Representative of Multinational
  • Corporations
  • Investment and Development
  • Bankers
  • IT Practitioners
  • Oil and Gas industry sector
  • Construction Companies
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Export and Import Agencies and
  • Associations

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  • National and International
  • Business Development
  • Consultants
  • Industrialists and Merchandise
  • Traders
  • Representatives of Non
  • Government Organizations
  • Representatives of National
  • Investment and Trade Agencies
  • and chambers of commerce
  • and Industry
  • Manufacturing Association,
  • Chambers of Commerce and
  • other industry Associations
  • Higher Education leaders