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The East Africa-Nigeria Trade and Investment Summit is a unique and multi-faceted event that offers:

        • A three day Summit
        • Speed networking
        • Trade Delegation
        • Trade and Investment Facilitation
        • Interactive Panel Discussions
        • Roundtable Brainstorms
        • Executive Live debates
        • Investment & Trade Exhibition

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The Event

EAST AFRICA : Following the signing of the East Africa Community (EAC) Treaty that established a Common Market in 2000, Kenya, Tanzania,  Uganda , Rwanda and Burundi, this region is poised to become trade and investment destination.  The East African community (EAC) has a shared vision and mission of widening and deepening economic, political, social and cultural integration . This common vision  aims to jointly promote the region as a single investment destination, through instruments such as the East African Investment Strategy and the EAC investment code. This is  in order to improve the quality of the life of the people in East Africa region through increased competitiveness, value added production, as well as trade and investment.  
With  more than 130 million population  and as  the doorway to a market of more than 400 million within the COMESA (Community of Eastern and Southern Africa) economic region(COMESA free trade zone), the East African Community (EAC) Treaty countries are open for business that will lead to  the rapid development and expansion of their trade, investment and business sectors.
Endowed with valuable natural resources and a vibrant private sector,  the EAC is experiencing economic growth  that is  fuelled by a growing middle class as well as a generation of budding entrepreneurs engaged in a wide range of sectors, including agri-business, tourism,  ICT, Oil and Gas,  entertainment, health care, banking and finance, manufacturing, mining, telecommunications,  transportation with expanding trade facilitation systems.
EAC with several investment opportunities stands to gain from joint efforts to promote investments with  Nigeria from within the region as well as from Nigeria. EAC abound with investment opportunities catalyzed by rich soils, conducive climatic conditions ideal for a variety of agricultural products like coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables and increasing oil and gas exploration in the region EAC has enviable natural assets that make it stand out more attractive than any other region in Africa.
The region is also endowed with a variety of minerals, including fluorspar, titanium and zirconium, gold,  cobalt and nickel, diamonds, tantalite, wolfram, coal and iron ore. This presents an opportunity for development of the mining industry, which is currently underdeveloped.
NIGERIA:  Nigeria is open for inward and outward  trade and investment.  It is a country, with an expanding and  competent workforce,  is rich in hydro-carbons and still has vast quantities of untapped crude oil and gas. It  is a country in West Africa and the most populous country on the African continent. Nigeria is Africa’s foremost business destination.
Its  imports are in the region of $20.54billion USD per annum. Import commodities include machinery, chemicals, transport, equipment, manufactured goods and live animals.
Nigeria as the jewel in the crown of African economies is also focusing its effort at non oil exports and agriculture, which presently accounts for 30% of the GDP, to diversify the economic base. Opportunities exist for partnership in  the exploitation and export of natural gas, bitumen, limestone, coal, tin, columbite, gold, silver, lead-zinc, gypsum, glass sands, clays, asbestos, graphite, and iron ore, among others.

  • Abundant Resources: Nigeria has enormous resources, most of which are yet to be fully exploited. They include Human Capital, mineral, agricultural and human resources. The business communities and individual have huge financial resources to invest in any economy they wish
  • Vast and Dynamic Market: There is  vast and expanding market in sub-Saharan Africa, with a population of about 150 million people. The Nigerian market potential also stretches into West African sub-region through its ECOWAS brother countries.
  • Entrenching Political Stability: Nigeria offers stable political environment with Government support for growing trade and investment
  • Free Market Economy: The country has a favourable climate for business and industrial ventures. Administrative and bureaucratic procedures have been greatly streamlined. The Government has put in place policies and programmes that guarantee a free market economy.
  • Dynamic Private Sector: The country has a dynamic private sector, which has assured greater responsibilities under the dynamic economic environment.
  • Outward Investment: Nigerian industrialist and investors abound in various Africa countries. Nigeria companies are expanding their operation in other Africa countries and beyond the continent.
  • Free Flow of Investment: There is free flow of international finance to and from the country. There is unrestricted movement of investment capital.
  • Attractive Incentives: A comprehensive package of incentives are in place to attract investment and encourage Nigerian to invest in other economy.
  • Fast Expanding Financial Sector: There is well-developed banking and financial sector. The investor has easy access to working capital and other credit facilities. This industry are investing in other African countries
  • International Human Capital: Highly skilled Nigerian can be found all part of the world. There is an abundance of skilled labour at an economic cost, resulting in production costs, which are among the lowest in Africa.
  • Infrastructure: Rapid development of physical and industrial infrastructure, in terms of transportation, communications, electricity and water supply. The Government is investing massively in the development of infrastructure

Come to The East Africa-Nigeria Summit and learn:

  • How to exploit the investment opportunities in the East African and Nigeria as well as promoting greater partnership between the public and private sector.
  • To develop continuous networking partnership that will be an excellent platform for potential investors that wish to explore the varied investment and trade possibilities East Africa and Nigeria.
  • How to benefit from intra African foreign  and local investments
  • How to craft/form partnerships and joint ventures between East Africa regional and Nigeria entrepreneurs and foreign companies.
  • Increased exports and import opportunities Simply put, The EANTI Summit and its Exhibition is all about trade and investment strategy and creating the environment for business deals and visibility across East Africa countries and Nigeria.

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Investors, Governments and Your

Clients come here to get updates on:

  • Trade and Investment Intelligence
  • Increasing partnership between East Africa and Nigeria, resulting to increasing employment opportunities
  • Increase of Nigeria companies establishing their office and operation in the region
  • Greater partnership between the Governments in the region and the Nigeria
  • Export and Import opportunities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Develop business deals and network

The EANTIS events promotes the advancement of trade and investment partnerships and opportunities in East Africa and Nigeria where huge rewarding businesses are done. If you are ready, come on and help grow these mega economies....this is your time and moment!!

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The exhibition area will provide the opportunity for organisations and vendors to demonstrate their services and products, and engage end-users in a relaxed and informal setting.
Unlike a traditional large exhibition or trade show, you will gain access to the strategic target audience during a time when the attendees are relaxed yet focused on discussing current developments in government and the industry. Our team of experienced event managers handle all administrative, marketing and promotional needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your own plans for the Summit and to generate new business.
If you need to know the latest trade and investment initiatives and exhibit your services and products to the high level participants you must attend.
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If you wish to access senior executives in East Africa's and Nigeria’s public and private sector, you need to be here. There are limited sponsorship opportunities.

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Who should attend:

  • East African and Nigeria entrepreneurs and potential investors
  • Nigerian and East African producers looking for new markets
  • East African and Nigeria Government Officials
  • National Governments, State Governments, Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals
  • Banks and Corporate Investors
  • Institutions/Agencies
  • Transport Executives
  • Ports Authorities

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  • Custom and Exercise
  • Inland Revenue
  • Representative of Multinational
  • Corporations
  • Investment and Development
  • Bankers
  • IT Practitioners
  • Oil and Gas industry sector
  • Construction Companies
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Export and Import Agencies and
  • Associations

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  • National and International
  • Business Development
  • Consultants
  • Industrialists and Merchandise
  • Traders
  • Representatives of Non
  • Government Organizations
  • Representatives of National
  • Investment and Trade Agencies
  • and chambers of commerce
  • and Industry
  • Manufacturing Association,
  • Chambers of Commerce and
  • other industry Associations
  • Higher Education leaders